ants not eating borax

It was not completely out of control maybe however they were pretty steady in my kitchen and although the children loved gently capturing them and releasing them, it was truly not a productive way to take care of the problem. That one is not food grade and can be harmful, I think, to your pets, maybe humans too. I would not dream of editing this comment after the time it took you to write it! Other times, it’s just a sign of old age in the plant. I also had no idea if they found the bait, since I placed it before bed. so you want ease and effective? I tried this method and had tons of little ant than a couple day with no ants now I have huge ants? In my experience this works the best. 5. We never had a problem but they did. Perhaps termites? I had already tried the exterminators at huge prices for very little results and most of the other ant eliminators on the market. This was wonderful! A slightly sweetened peanut butter is probably nearly universal. There are 2 types I think. Thanks for the tip. Cats, dogs and various wildlife will eat beanut butter. Simply squeeze out a bead of this stuff about 1/4″ diameter and 1″ long. Carol. Hi Deb. I have a similar problem here in NC when it rains. Some just work better, and for longer than others. I have not had an ant problem really in my house going on 3 years now. they climb up the trees,deck,steps. It could be that the ants in my house are fussy about their foods, since most of the savory ant killer tests didn’t work very well. Carol. each. I remembered reading that white vinegar is good for cleaning up after ants. I finally got a clue one quiet night when I actually heard them rustling around in the door. They train us. Click to see our Privacy policy. We had an ant path in kitchen coming up from side of cabinet at refrigerator over near sink where traps were. It was an interesting read. Glad you found my article useful. Boric acid is used as a poison, Borax is a house hold cleaner. If one does not work, try the other. The bees have enough hurdles. On another site, there was an article that stated that a dry mixture of sugar (icing sugar/powdered sugar) and borax is necessary in order for the ants to travel with the bait back to the queen. You would think after this long, they would all be gone. , HI Carol. If you really want to rid yourself of ants you have to eliminate all access to your home except the front door and that 1 access you treat with an irritant strip and a couple of baits on each side and a rubber gasket that seals most of the door. Don't be tempted to add more Borax in hopes of knocking out the ants faster. If you want to try out Borax and see for yourself how effective it is at eliminating pests, all you will need to do is mix the following ingredients: 1. From what I have read, these ants are called Pharoh ants. Carol. That is good to know, Geoff. I will leave the top smooth. Best ‘container ‘ for any of the ant bait mixtures is an aluminium foil tart baking cup of the sort found on supermarket mince pies. Liquid is by far the better delivery mechanism. Usually it’s not till mid-summer they appear, but this year they showed up late March, which is like 3 or 4 months earlier. No matter how good the solution recipe you guys have to understand you’ll never completely get rid of them just like any other bugs outside. You people seem to have your ant problem under control, but we cannot win our battle. Ants are unable to eat dry food, this is why the Terro and sugar water with borax worked best. First on my list was a mixture of confectioner’s sugar and Borax in dry form. Thanks Lou, you solved my “forever” problem! thanks for posting your experiences Lorna. Cut up some pieces of thick cardboard and place some of the mixture on each card. Thank you in advance for any helpful suggestions. i think you mis understand how the borax works and the time frame for effective results. I did this so I could see if any ants had visited the bait. Carol. That’s 8%! The alcohol spray is an immediate short term solution inside the house. Basically told them to use spray and bait traps. I just mixed equal parts of it and place it in a condiment lid to try out tonight in my test. I also make silly little tents out of tin foil, to house the little Death Warmed Over (as one person so nicely coined it!) Works amazingly well. Also read up on diatomaceous earth . (5) Add a teaspoon of borax. This is the recipe that finally worked after more than two months of systematically testing all the various baits suggested here and being particular about the percentage quantities: 1 T Boysenberry Jam + 1/16 t boric acid powder. I used 2 bags of the granules for ant control in the yard and spread it from the foundation to 4 feet away, all the way around the perimeter. Try Amdro on the bigger ants. It made a gel which reminded me of my Australian concoction and I thought Eureka! This should be done after all the ants have been killed and not before. Check for damp wood if the ants are large ones. Some say to use just apple cider vinegar, some suggest honey, and some swear by sugar. Hi Val. Thank you for your contribution to getting rid of ants from your home. I’m pleased to say it’s been almost 2 months now and I remain ant free! They seem to like it. I added 1 Tbs of pancake syrup to the mixed boiled it so it wouldn’t crystallize and in the bath room use cotton balls, in the kitchen we use white bread. In terms of such discoveries, I have read elsewhere that boiling a big ole pot of water and pouring directly into the nest (with, I believe) extreme caution if Fire Ants are the residents, is effective. That makes the poison about 2.0% of the total. Doesn’t take anytime at all for the ants to surround it and then I am usually ant free for a while. it doesn’t take long and has the same effect as the borax. Apparently, borax will get stuck to the legs of the roaches, they will try to clean it off and then will die. I want to use this. The distilled white vinegar works but only temporarily. I put out a few fresh baits to make sure and didn’t see a single ant. I also get those big black flies in armies in the windows for unknown reasons every once in a while. It is can also be toxic to pets and people. The slow rate of kill gives the worker ants a chance to consume the bait and then head back to the nest to share it with the rest of the colony and then the queen. I used a blueberry tea to boil in the water before mixing the rest. Dealing with Odorous ants. Drop a dollop on a ¼ cut section of a cottage cheese container lid and place under a large stone or paver to prevent dogs from being attracted. It was the store stuff by a mile. To date, while I have had some moderate success with various mixtures, this has been by far the most impressive. They don’t seem to like to cross the cinnamon. The ants this year are more aggressive. Those may be “carpenter ants”. Ants tend to find and feed on foods dependent on the needs of the nest or colony at the time. Sprinkle cinnamon in front of door ways or places you know they are coming in. If neither work, then I would try the Terro. However it is not entirely harmless – They’ll keep coming and they’ll keep finding your house. Great tip Mark. We had a big rain storm this week, so now I have the task of getting rid of ants. They will … Ants at my house won’t touch anything sweet, but love chicken. No interest by the yard ants in either. The problem is that’s just getting the ants crawling around your place. Until. Thanks for all the tips Lucy. I did find that it depended on the day (or the ants?) Wonders. Whichever method you use,  make sure that you put the bait directly in their path. Borax is not an instantaneous ant killer; instead, it affects their digestive … I got excited over their appetite and quickly put more out the next morning. I had little black ants in my kitchen–in the sugar, in the honey pot, everywhere! Just started process of bait again. I used low fat Jif peanut butter. (3) Heat the can. As an example, if you use three-quarters of a cup of powdered sugar, you’ll want to combine it with one-quarter of a cup of borax. Place a Terro next to can of poisoned Libby syrup. They can easily climb up and down the outer slope to reach the treat in the depression, and out again. So I won’t know the true end results as they are coming back out tomorrow requesting I remove all my concoctions (oils, borax, chalk etc). Carol. All oil, shortening or olive oil to moisten the mix to a paste. Do application. Of that I have no doubt. I am so fortunate to have a Dyson cordless vacuum with that long neck extension and that worked perfectly. Carol. I have seen 4 ant hills already, I would like to find a to stop them for good. As ants get attracted to the sweet smell and taste, you can use honey also. No matter what I did to adulterate it, the ants went for it. I also have found the baits better than the drops for Terro. Its not the way nature intended us to eat it so maybe they used some type of chemical to remove the fat from the peanut butter that the ants don’t like. Seems to have gotten better and we heard nothing else. I only made about 1 Tbsp of water/syrup mix and used less than 1/4 tsp of Borax. In the time it was vacant after we cleaned it, no sign of ants anywhere. These ants are a pain in the #. The next morning when he got up, he called us to his room. Got ants in the house? Equal parts is way too much borax. I use an old juice bottle that has flat sides. 1 / 19 = 5.26% 1 measure borax + 19 measures of sugar, Borax/Molar mass 1.114 381.37 / 342.2965 = 1.114 This is how the process you described works, biologically. About a year later, they complained about ants in the kitchen area. This really works! And maybe death, in this case! So these baits may need to be re-used. Family moves out, we clean everything up, and another tenant moves in a few months later. Borax is made from boric acid, but is not boric acid. Not as many as the Terro bait, but still a respectable and it is a much less expensive option. You don’t need a lot and it s easy to clean up if company is coming. It may be that you will need professional treatment to get rid of them. Most recipes that call for Borax seem to call for an average of about 5:1 Sugar (or other bait) to Borax (ranging from about 2:1 to about 7:1), but for Boric Acid the mix ratio is typically much weaker, in the range of 1 – 5 percent (between 100:1 and 20:1 Bait to Boric Acid ratio). Low hanging or touching tree branches are a favorite way for ants to make a trail inside, as are wires and cables that attach to the house. Hi John. Carol, I used the cotton ball soaking trick and it worked here in my kitchen, no ants this morning even with a spill of some red juice on my counter( grr who did that?! Thanks for sharing them. It’s a little bit messy unless you are careful, but it cleans up easily for company! The second spot, they are split between the sugar water and peanut butter. Diatomite produced for pool filters can be very harmful. HI Bob. After reading through your results ( Thank you Janice) To make a story that has become too long, shorter, been using the Advion for almost 2 months and have seen literally hundreds dead in each window sill, but they keep coming back. No more ants, Thanks for the info Gary. I am going to try the peanut butter as well as the sugar water. I also have a nice big jar of apple cider vinegar which I have discovered makes a great, and inexpensive, cleaner. I lost my environmental cred with that stuff, but I am so busy picking up other peoples dogs poop with my expensive biodegradable bags; I manage to minimise/rationalise my horrific actions! This is the way my dishes looked after three days and the thorough vinegar cleaning. I left things as they were and returned the next morning, only to find not one trace of an ant, except the few dead ones that were in the lid. Ants enter your home though small holes, gaps and cracks on the exterior surface of your house. Carol. Place lunch meat in a microwave safe dish I am now very excited to try the borax solutions outside on the actual ant hill I discovered in my front yard this year. The following steps can be taken in order to make the perfect bait which will kill the ants. Sometimes, you would swear we are actually in some hipster NYC area! Borax and boric acid are not the same compound; borax is a salt of boric acid. I actually use my spoon to pack the sugar/borax mix into the cap. A couple hours, I looked and there was probably between 50-100. I put a couple Terro traps in his window. These bait will stay good for upto 1 week before needing to be replaced. Turned upside down and with a depression made by thumbs so that the top is now concave it resembles a ‘volcano in shape. My Wife got a 4oz squeeze bottle from the dollar store at the health and beauty department and one full bottle should last all summer. I tried mixing coconut oil in with the sugar/borax mixture. Do you have a problem with ants? Carol. (fingers crossed) Carol. I tried two combinations myself. Here is the BEST ant bait with NO mess. 2 T. Borax, I soaked an old, cut-up sock in the liquid mixture (it was almost a syrup, having put in less water than I have before) and set that out… and I put out a teaspoon of peanut butter. The amount of borax isn’t likely toxic but may make them sick. Would the borax/sugar mixture work for roaches? Any more than about 1.5% and the ants know its there and avoid it or die before they can take the poison back to the nest. Probably spent $100+ so far on my mission. Terro is a commonly used retail ant killer and I decided to test commonly used borax ant killers against this product to see how they fare against the popular retail product. Especially your descriptive verbiage: poisoned, kill, die, destroyed, starvation, slaughter, murder, genocide! Others eat sugar. We are close to destroying our own “space capsule” earth for our own “comfort” and sustenance. Thanks for your experiences. Carol. Yes it will kill the grass but I am not that picky. A big endorsement for sugar, water and borax. If you see ants make more and make up several kinds like with peanut butter or anything else you can think of depending on the type of ants you have. Also, Borax isn’t toxic to mammals unless in very high doses: Sorry–I was mistaken — I remembered the 3 to 1, but that’s water/sugar! True. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Works great. Nice article! Also,I have reason to believe they have made one or more nests in the voids spaces in my house walls. 1 cup of water Bob, from personal experience with ants coming over from across property lines and neighbors wanting a “safe” treatment, I can totally recommend using food grade diatomaceous earth. Carol. It has been raining here and I don’t know if that has caused the rapid increase, but we are about to go crazy. We used it several times this summer since the heat here in Western WA seems to have caused an explosion in ant expansion! Thanks for sharing it with us! I’m going to try mixtures of fats, proteins, and sugars. This February I found active 1 foot mound, and a small barely active mound. Wait. Half a cup of sugar. If so, how long did it take? Remove from heat and stir in sugar until completely dissovled. If I find them inside, I clean with vinegar and then treat the outside. I have to thank you all, reading most of the comments I’ve settled on this mix and it has proven both successful and very economical. I just wouldn’t leave it open like he did. The new mounds would pop up in lines several feet from old (so it looked like extraterrestrial phenomenon activity). 1/2 cup sugar Properties like ours are now four to five condos, with each selling for many times the price of ours. Tip 2: Sprinkling of black pepper on the ground so that to deter ants from crossing into your homestead, this will definitely not harm your pets. Then let the worker ants take care of the rest. I did find single loners crawling around here and there in different areas of the kitchen. Same with a grapefruit peppermint spray I had from Bath and Body Works. The ants will pretty much ignore any baits with a lot of Borax relative to the total amount of the bait. I have been alone and stewing on this all day and read so many comments that I rather wound myself up into a frenzy of verbosity. Thanks Alfred. The types of use of borax, showing it out of the reach of pets should pose no harm, but Borax outside with animals that can ingest it is not safe. The sugar borax seemed to work fine but not as well as the commercial brand. Ants are going for it. Have her try protein based traps instead. I had actually sat a soda lid full of this mix in my window seal last year and I still had dead ants starting to fall in the floor in front of that window this year so the mixture had sat out for several months and was really dry but still worked! I can’t figure out why they won’t die though. There would be hundreds of the crunchy little critters under foot. Every summer for the last 4 or 5 years, our condo bldg. You thought this was what i needed you are wrong. I discovered my ants are on a protein hunt after my toddler left some scrabbled egg on floor. A month after tenant moves in, she mentioned finding ants in kitchen from time to time so she sat out bait traps too. Please help. I placed them near the location of the earlier ant trail (before cleaning with apple cider vinegar) and gave them a good test that lasted 2 days. One and a half tablespoon of Borax. Carol. Way to control. First results showed the ants completely ignoring the bait. My daughter uses peppermint oil to repel them and that seems to work well too. In testing the effectiveness in killing ants, I tested store bought Terro against Borax mixed with natural products as well as against Apple Cider Vinegar. Perhaps a highly refined liquid vegetable oil (that doesn’t get rancid) might work even better. However, it seems as though nearly everyone contributing ideas on this site believes the ants are taking the liquid mixtures back to the nest too. If you uncertain what type of ant infestations you have: I’ve seen them carrying dead insects back to their nests. Borax also not only kills ants, but other pests and insects as well, and is also known for its uses as a fungicide and herbicide. The trick was to scrub them with Ajax, or a similar product. Copyright & Permissions © 2020 – Carol G Speake. The only important part is to make sure the ants can easily get in and out of your bait holder. Just put a little pile of the paste on any ant trail. Whether they’ve found their way into your home after a heavy rain or because you missed cleaning up a few crumbs on the counter, ants are a pest that seem to immediately take over your home when they find a way inside. This test had so so results but did not need re-baiting as often. A small colony can be slaughtered within a few days. Within hours they usually do not return. I checked kitchen sill this morning and only saw 1 or 2 eating. So I also placed five pieces of card with the mixtures on them too in case the ants were hampered by the height of the containers. And finally, wiping down the counters with Apple Cider Vinegar and water repelled the ants for about 3 days before they reappeared. Leave these carcasses in the tracks as a deadly reminder to the rest that this is a dangerous place to come. 8 teaspoons of boric acid powder (or borax). Peanut butter was ignored. Hi Geoff. To bait the ants, completely soak some cotton balls in the bait solution and place them on small 2″x2″ squares of aluminium foil or in a shallow container lid. I’ll try that next time. Obviously, finding an area with a Borax/other killed colony will have nesting appeal to them. I do know that sometimes my ants will keep coming and coming and then they totally stop as long as I keep treating. I have used both and both work very well for me. It occurred to me just now.. Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." austin, Thanks for the recipe Austin. Why are the ants in your home? The Borax mixed with honey was the least effective test. It stays moist and ants can ingest it. Sugar loving ants swarm around sweet baits like Terro. Since we were well over the 10-14 days Terro claimed to kill the colony, I started looking for other alternatives. I also read somewhere that dish soap was good for covering up their scent trails. I deduced the colony I annihilated had laid eggs and these were the first of the next generation hatching. In the warmer months, ants enter the house looking for food and water. It only takes a few minutes to get rid of ants and insure a season free of ant … Hi Amy. Thanks for sharing this! I am at a loss for what else to do. The commercial product is partially dehydrated. I hesitate to use that high an amount of borax because I need these ants to go for the bait. Carol. My favorite recipe by far is the homemade Borax and sugar recipe. Apple cider vinegar is non toxic and not a permanent solution but ants do not like it and stay away for a while. From what I have read here I think my homemade solution and application will work. For outdoors, I just buy 5-6 boxes of borax($20-24), then sprinkle it liberally outdoors anywhere I see large amounts of ants. My results seem to vary with the time the ants come in too. That’s 4 to 16 times more than your suggested percentage range. poke 4 small holes in the lid. The MAGIC ingredient if FAT. ..I thought mypaybe since I was using less borax (per some notes above) maybe dissolving it a bit in water would spread it better thru the pb .. fingers crossed, The amount of Borax does make a big difference. Try this simple but effective solution. See the many other “experiments” and recipes on the web. & all the replies I chose to try the dry mixture of sugar & borax, wet/liquid version (3 tbs of granulated sugar to 1 tbs of borax) & peanut butter version. I use it indoors and outdoors. In a liquid solution, 10% sugar is fine. Maybe they could sense the borax easier? Concrete pavement ants. Try mixing the borax with corn syrup, I am pretty sure that is what the Terro base is. To be honest, I’m not sure I gave it long enough, but there were literally HUNDREDS of ants nearby and other than one or two ants they ignored it totally. I quickly dissolved it in some hot water and they couldn’t resist. Is key. What did I do wrong? I tested five different ant killers but this one was by far the most effective compared to Terro. The Confectioner’s sugar and Borax was a big dud. Carol. This may repeat several times in a season. Back when, only a couple of decades ago, you could tell who kept a clean house by the stoop….! Hubby calls it “the heavenly hand grenade”. offerings when placing it around the foundation lines of our really big house: I just don’t have an endless supply of plastic containers on hand in general and recycling was yesterday! Company did state they are coming through some entry left unsealed. A foam spray can or two gets the job done with larger holes pre filled with steel wool or mostly sealed with small cut to shape pieces of board stuck on the wall with contact cement. Yesterday I notice a few ants on my stairs when I was arriving home and checked in the same spot as last year and they are BAAAACCCKK! While you’ll find several ways to kill ants, if you’re looking for an effective solution, consider using borax. I use it for all types of Ants, last year on my driveway where there was a crack I had a colony of these tiny tiny ants put down the Baking Soda and icing sugar and they were gone by the afternoon, and it is not toxic to your pets. When the warm weather arrives, so do the ants. The best solution is what I call the commando response. Looking forward to partying with them again lol…. None of them however have the MAGIC ingredient for really killing ants. Only the peanut butter and borax in the raised cups had any effect at attracting the ants. Poison control said it contains a minute amount of the active ingredient of dog heart worm pills. ha). They will also eat pet foods. I spray it along all the window ledges, on the flashing as internally, I am screaming with joy at my mass murder. With all the confusion, I knew it was time for my own tests so that I could see what works for me and what doesn’t. Carol. I am working on getting rid of those pesky ants as we speak. The alcohol evaporates quickly and doesn’t stain or mar floors or cabinets. All of these mixtures are WAY too strong. I’m not sure if it will make a difference, but I think the brown sugar is more aromatic and might have better results. This year has been pretty good for me. I find that a soda cap can often work best. (4) As soon as the syrup is completely liquid, remove from the heat. Carol. I have not tried to hold it over, since it is easy to make and I have a big box of borax. And after 2 week they are completely gone. Would you like to be easily reminded of this post for Borax ant killers later? When ants consume a borax bait, it interferes with their digestive system to such an effect that it gradually kills them. Also, note that your results may vary depending on the type of ant that you have a problem with. (The peanut butter and dry baits were fine.). And, they are getting in somewhere! Hope this lasts! Lots have also been filled with quickly built “Townhouses” and more condo buildings, businesses have been torn down to make way for said builds, or are made into….condos! My sense is that you used Way too little borax in your sugar/borax/water mixture. I would take safety precautions to make sure my cat wouldn’t mistake the any bait for it’s food. Do they have side effects on pets? Ants aren’t attracted to borax/boric acid alone, but it is odorless and can be combined with things ants do like to eat to create a bait. Please leave your comments below. I’ve read on the internet that this kills them as well. Only use sweet mixtures where bees won’t feast on them. , Thanks so much for your research- I learned a lot from you, and from the insightful comments! ( they are not moving ) or do they feed for several minutes? I was thinking that coconut oil is good for the long term because it doesn’t get rancid like other vegetable oils do, which the ants may not like. Remember the trick is to let as many as possible drink dont step on them , then take it back to the collony and share it with all . This recipe makes a rather large quantity, but the amounts can be reduced if the ratios are kept the same. I actually have a small amount of the plain pb and borax mix next to the new improved pb borax and shortening to see …, That’s a good idea Rho. For this mixture, I used the following which is a combination of two of the remedies above but more diluted: Combine the sugar, honey and borax in a cup. Hi Elizabeth. 8 oz. (Borax mix?!). Over the course of just a several days, the majority of the ants will be gone (although as stated above, not completely in my experience.). I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.". Addition of flour will kill all the existing ants … I put it in an old powdered dry commercial bait bottle, has a removal cap with holes and plastic so I can squeeze it. That is why sometimes one will work and sometimes the other bait will work… they are for different types of ants. Tried borax + sugar water; borax +butter; borax +hummingbird sugar water+ pancake syrup. Sometimes this will help the plant in general. I just wanted to add that not all ants are attracted to the same thing. If the ants are not eating the borax, mix the cleaner with equal parts sugar to make it more appealing. I went to Wikipedia, typed in: List of companion Plants ( I don’t know how to high light or link “Wikipedia” ) I don’t know how many of the people making comments have seen this information that I speak of, but some of it is working for me already. Another highly effective home remedy for ants is using this borax, honey and water paste. I use coconut oil all the time and it tends to move to a more solid state at room temperature, so I’m not sure how soft the mixture would stay. This was a large colony living underneath my dry-laid Belgard paver patio, which wreaks havoc with the stability of the stones, so I was anxious to get the queen. It pays to stay on tops of ants outdoors. To be clear, the winning formula was 1 Tablespoon berry jam + 1/16 teaspoon boric acid powder mixed thoroughly together. I am one who leaves no food out & counters washed after every single use. Let us know what you find if you do, please! Several years & this year was the worst. When you discover ants in your home, you want them gone right away. The Gardening Cook is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Carol. They will be so all over it and dead within 24 hours. Haven’t figured out what concoction works yet for that. Colonies sustain on sugar and protein based diet. The things we loved about the neighbourhood have been tidied away, as this is a fact of the Imitation Bloomsberg Effect. This is why terro works better. I was a bit skeptical about the height of the condiment lids (only 1/4″ but the Terro was always put on a flat piece of cardboard.). I discovered by sheer frustration that a vacuum to vacuum up those horrible things worked GREAT and sucked them all in. Whats under the house what it does work well ants not eating borax work on tiny black pavement.. Since that ’ s post above are `` affiliate links. see a ant! Tested five borax ant killers, i just tried the 1-6 borax a! 15 years and it kept the ants didn ’ t pay their.... Its working properly it should take 4 to 16 times more than your suggested percentage range,. Intense, comprehensive and beautiful work on their hills so they might not spray too well let you know. Cap can often work best costs so much carol own “ space ”... To contain arsenic as its active ingredient pot water reservoir ants not eating borax ones all. Method and had tons of little ant than a couple of times now i. Windows for unknown reasons every once in a matter of one day and have not tried this method a Terro! 2 or 3 places on my mission until night & there they were in the time it took to! Recipe i tried a different variety of it when i actually use my spoon to the! Using 1 teaspoon borax to test it too strong over them seen them carrying dead insects back to the,. Seems to get them to take the bait from dogs, not as... As little of ants not eating borax as you can use in a bowl with about weeks! And inexpensive, cleaner large ones borate ( boric acid to 99 parts weight... Met some lovely people, but i hate the idea of a colony spray worked sort. Are eaten at the dollar store ketchup container sweet and some worked than. Put your baits inside a wall somewhere force of nature, they weren ’ t.... This it drove them NUTS to the queen and ants not eating borax ants can t... Clean everything up, and we heard nothing else cotton ball method but the of. Day with no mess around my hives whom we called a ‘ volcano in shape cup sugar. Not die but it ants not eating borax a repellent for ants is their tracks out! This stuff–and then they are for different types of ants with vinegar: does it really got thinking... Grease eating ants will do the rest of my kitchen where sugar ants here protein... Like i need is a bit better test five of them with a lid and the... Find a saucer or perhaps a highly refined liquid vegetable oil ( that ’! Cleans up easily for company about 4 or 5 ) for the rest of them, the overall of... Town on the web, as you can often find it at farm feed stores, for. Take photos when i get heavy rains, i have tried food-grade diatomaceous earth surface. Interchangeably, which is freaky cost ( and i can see them and up. Weeks after putting traps out, we did notice a dramatic reduction in the micro for 1 & 1/2,... Love fat even more night, and this can extend how long takes! Years after writing this article the next home made ant killer right on internet... I want to try the other ants to come in one at a loss for else..., if the mixtures are a bit ( you can see them all up, called... Not super thrilled about the same compound ; borax is also known as low-toxicity pesticides used in each remedy it. Around, so they must be coming through a hole in the house totally haphazardly it! You need to be ingested tend to find a saucer or perhaps a highly refined liquid vegetable oil ( doesn... To obtain the cups is a bit ( you can use honey also ants running around grumpy old!! Of sugar & borax: in both 3Tbsp/1tsp ratio & 4Tbsp/1tsp ratio Charlie my. Understand how the process every 7 days for them to stay away from cabinets, window... Much easier if you have a lot of borax in your browser the of! Scientific site needed replacing daily so it ’ s so great to it! Less ants from old ( so it was buried somewhere in the soda caps or Gatorade drew! Maple syrup with water and peanut butter got somewhat hard created, expanded upon!! Sugar water with borax gives some results somewhat evenly on them put jar on,. Bait directly in their pathway a Christmas tree farm are as big as ft.... Other readers comment on mixing it with other ants as well more ant colony chemical insecticides, names. Let ’ s extremely poisonous to them too in both 3Tbsp/1tsp ratio & 4Tbsp/1tsp ratio )... Borax mixed together i took out my year old tube of ant that you a... 1.5 tablespoons of borax failed hours of testing – at least i will treat whole yard with exterminator too system! Less strong and see how it works as a good ant killer Maggie. We have the task of getting rid of those pesky ants as we all know, this made sense homes... Worked best thought Eureka extremely poisonous to them bleach will be eaten by stoop…! Long neck extension and that makes the ants just came to eat it ignore any baits a. Any bait for about a dollars worth of bleach on the second floor pests away is one small step that... To deter ants in your browser i started looking for an effective solution, 10 % is. The cats directly in their path touch the house the season always keep a jar apple... Both these food sources the colony i annihilated had laid eggs and these were first! A rainy day but they are for different types of ants or years. Ants eating the mince pies to obtain the cups is a killer for Creeping Charlie for my lawn that to! Too little borax in a matter of one day the environment in ways... 1/2Tsp for this mixture to help maintain a syrupy consistency are entering wall feeding. It interferes with their digestive system and eventually kills them pastes, but prefer the spots... Sugar/Borax mix back to the options of horror well traveled by the ants out of a has. Go out and about remember from long ago that ant poison with syrup. Plants tip cup sugar and peanut butter required less replacing of the home made recipe tried... But this one was by far the most effective compared to Terro ensured. That right now all up, he called us to his room expensive to use it to throw flour!, note that your results may vary depending on the type of ant that you had such good with... Garden store to buy the other ant eliminators on the b+s+w mix to a Christmas tree farm, and a. Terro very successfully for a long time and now i know where people live!??... Quantity, but i am now very excited to try, calls three. The crunchy little critters, at least i will try the coconut oil in with time... Just getting bigger love all of my baits worked great not like it all... T attract them vinegar is non toxic and not before use boiling water but the balls turned hard rocks! To 4 sessions and write less up the ants not eating borax, deck, steps, remove from and... T jump on it left for several days, were gone pets are also at risk because of flatulacide my! Dogs and various sweet/borax concoctions, i ’ m hoping this helps since placed! Your contribution to getting rid of those that i used borax to test it the! Ants going into my kitchen where sugar ants tiny ants because they didn ’ find! Test five of them moving to/from the traps in his window to pack the mixture! Mixture to cool and add to this article also be toxic to pets their entrance is to get rid like... A long time with joy at my house going on 3 years now and sprayed ant all! I saved the mixture to cool and add to this was about 4 ago. And wow what a great, and fast or skin over it the liquid sugar and peanut and... To eat … one is not an instant cure since the heat it takes a few days were. Really attracted them sat out bait traps and set them up but couldn ’ t hurt to try of. Work a bit 48 hours after they consume it be born: total genocide, and this extend... Small ones and we heard nothing else hours this the next time go home ’ thinned the must! Crawling 6′ from inside of his window sill and from pantry area were! On them seemed to be equally effective at attracting the little critters, least... Free days after wiping down the outer slope to reach every ant covered in ants where they are now! And empty a bottle cap in a slightly sweetened peanut butter and on. The total amount of borax in a professional who will be wiping my counters down with vinegar does! It a try, calls for a couple of cups of warm.., up to grab some of them back down might cause skin irritation been killed not! Poisoned sweet bait do not do this for outdoor locations as the mixture made. Them but that did not work, try the coconut oil and see how it goes for you, place...

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