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The next generation grey market for all of your Star Citizen needs. If you reclaim a pledge containing a copy of Star Citizen… Welcome to our Star Citizen Item Shop. here you can see all the ship avaiable for sale in game, click on the one you like. Please, help keep this page running: Join other Patreons: id Name Manufacturer; id Name Manufacturer; New to Star Citizen? We have LTI , alpha & beta ships and packages for sale. Prices [edit | edit source]. Try it today! Rare, limited availability, and Kickstarter pledges have strict regulations for buy back to ensure the rarity of the ships and store options. 5 days ago. Welcome to the Star Citizen store. Original Concept Price: Price of the ship or vehicle at the original concept sale.The original value is used in this column, not the warbond discount price. Star Citizen with a quick schedule of what is planned this week from Star Citizen, Updates on where the New Roadmaps are, More on the MSR AND a new PTU Patch 3.11.1g which we will be looking at patch notes for. Completed Sales. Star Citizen Ships For Sale. By sold out ships, I assume you mean hull limited ships. Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Buy Star Citizen Ships With Life Time Insurance Rare LTI Ships & Packages For Sale. Pledge vehicles help fund Star Citizen and Squadron 42's development. Ships for sale! Standalone Price: Current or latest known price for the ship or vehicle when it's available in the pledge store, also the latest known CCU value if available.Store credit is allowed for these purchases. Here you can buy rare Star Citizen ships and packages. This board is for all Star Citizen related ships and packages that are for sale, trade or wanted. That includes LTI and Non-LTI Ships, Ground Vehicles, Upgrades, Game Packs, Equipment, Hangar Flair, FPS Weapons, Clothing, and Armor. Buy and Sell your Star Citizen ships safely and securely! The list below contains standalone vehicles that are (or were) available for pledge. Safe Transactions. With a game as big as Star Citizen, you can bet that there will be ships you are looking for, perhaps that you have heard about or seen other players using. We deliver every order within 24 hours as an in-game gift. Star Hangar provides a secure and reliable trading platform with 24/7 customer service. An exclusive place where you can find almost everything that has to do with Star Citizen. Followers 55. Multiple Payment Methods. Use my referal code when registering: STAR-KH2J-JKT7 You will get additional 5,000 UEC that you can use in in-game stores! Subforums. Unfortunately, they won't be for sale anymore during this IAE. Shop new ships, upgrades, game packages, ground vehicles, ccu's and more! As of Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.1, there are 96 flyable ships. Safeguards are in place to warn of permanent changes when reclaiming a pledge. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as … The best place to buy and sell Star Citizen Space Ships & Upgrades! Star Citizen’s 2020 Ship Sale Anniversary Start This Week!

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