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When Black Smoke Shenron rises from the Dragon Balls to the Z Fighters, Trunks is shown attempting to calm his mother after Old Kai claimed she was responsible for Black Smoke Shenron's existence. DRAGON BALL SUPER UDM BURST42 Son Goku(Super Saiyan God) mini figure strap New. He is able to kill Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy in his Super Saiyan form. At the age of eight, he became the Junior Division Champion of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament following his defeat of Goten (won by cheating). The suit is a miniature version of Gohan's Suit though it apparently lacks a Great Saiyaman Watch. Once Goku defeats the evil monster Hirudegarn, Tapion gives Trunks his sword, even saying it was always meant for him (in reference to Future Trunks' swordsmanship). Main article: Dragon Ball: Yo! He recently received a Zenkai 7 boost. Due to his strong friendship and friendly rivalry with Goten, both are shown to work well as a team, this made him and Goten ideal candidates for learning the Fusion Dance. Plus, Don Kee gives them the parts they need for free, and they leave Imecka. Later on when Goku is presumed dead by Omega Shenron, Vegeta decides the Earth's best bet is for him to try and defeat Omega Shenron while everyone else escapes. Though Trunks wants to fight alongside his father, Majin Vegeta hugs him (much to his embarrassment) before knocking him and Goten out. Bulma continues to try and drum up interest, even giving some figures to Trunks: Xeno. While Goku was being distracted, Beerus dons the life-size Monaka costume created by Mr. Satan and fights with Goku. Later on in Age 790, Super Saiyan Trunks appears to join the fight against the escaped villains as a history change results in his father Vegeta not appearing, which causes Nappa to become leader of the Neo Ginyu Force in place of Captain Ginyu. Frieza orders the Ginyu Force to kill Tekka's Team, which they reluctantly obey. Vegeta also tells Android 17 that Trunks is just as good as the Trunks 17 knew, despite being a kid. Trunks has a combination of both of his parents' personalities: cocky and proud like his father and spoiled and selfish like his mother. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, infected Trunks appears in his Super Saiyan form as an enemy during the first GT Saga, and is also under the influence of Demigra's Dark Magic. After telling the situation to his best friend, Trunks and Goten decided to go the future in order to help his future self, but Bulma tells them that they would only serve no help, and only trust Goku to handle this situation. SP Kid Trunks offers more Offense for the team than SP Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta GRN while also being better defensively. Trunks also possesses sword skills, as shown when he wields the Brave Sword as an adult in Dragon Ball GT. However, they end up foiling another one of her attempts behind Orange Star High School, causing her to tell them to back off or there will be trouble. Trunks: Xeno explains to his mother that the warrior is an active Time Patroller, which she reveals she is aware of though she asks them to help out when they're not on duty. They travel back to find Goku and the others and they get hypnotized by the Para Para Boogie until they are saved by the hungry Mouma. Jeice and Guldo fuse into Gulce while Recoome and Burter fuse into Recurter. EX Gotenks is the fusion of Kid Trunks and Goten created via EX-Fusion that was introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions. 129 cm (4'2") "child"[1] Trunks has become the President of Capsule Corporation. Future Trunks told himself despite the world he came from and his world are the same, they become different worlds as the two of them are living a different life. Though Goku was the first of the main cast to reach the form, Yamoshi is credited as its creator, and thus is the first character to reach it in cannon. In the context of his Tag, his Double Held Blast Cards make him bothersome to use, considering all of the powerful Melee Fighters at the Future Tag's disposal. Trunks, along with Pilaf, Mai and Shu, are being taught mathematics by a private instructor at Capsule Corp. Pilaf (in a complicated manner) explains to Trunks a math equation he did not know how to solve. He is also able to somewhat keep up with Goku against Luud. However, even though Pilaf declined the food offer, Trunks and Goten still brought food to Pilaf, Shu, and Mai. Trunks then goes to Pilaf's Castle to retrieve another ball, encountering Pilaf - who sends his guardian to deal with the intruder, however Trunks defeats it and takes the Dragon Ball. As a servant of Baby, Trunks along with Gohan, Goten and Bulla helps to power him up to defeat Goku on Earth. Super Dragon Ball Heroes. "The original plan for Trunks: Xeno's super form was to go with Super Saiyan 4," the translator revealed. The "Super Saiyan God" is the legend among legends of the warrior race, the Saiyans. Trunks is a upright, kindhearted, and easygoing as a child, significant traits seen in most individuals born under year of the Horse, and as such Trunks often helps with such things like, caring for Bra as an infant, educating Goten, etc., but his direct personality, occasionally when insulting Goten, is also another keynote to the Zodiac sign's traits. However they do succeed in distracting Omega long enough for Goku to charge his Universal Spirit Bomb which destroys the Shadow Dragon. Super Saiyan God is about to become all the rage once more, and it has nothing to do with Goku. When peace came after defeating Kid Buu, Trunks stopped training. Trunks and Goten perform the Fusion Dance as Super Saiyans. Trunks (トランクス, Torankusu) is the Earthling and Saiyan hybrid son of Bulma and Vegeta, and the older brother of Bulla. While Goku, Vegeta, and Pikkon battle Janemba, Goten and Trunks take on The Dictator and his army. Eventually, Ultimate Gohan arrives as the battle shifts to the Earth after Super Buu destroys the Lookout. They then play around with his ship, and Jaco encourages them to play, which leads to them accidentally closing the hatch and crashing it into the pond resulting in them being sent to their rooms as punishment. His wig then falls off, revealing himself. Kid Trunks appears as one of the main characters in the story of Dragon Ball Fusions. After the battle with Kid Buu, Trunks and Goten wish to give Videl a wedding present, but Goten cannot afford anything substantial. Trunks is later seen at a party at his home in celebration of their victory. While Goten and Trunks are flying towards Capsule Corp, they notice Monaka's delivery truck but finding out that Monaka is not present. As a result, he was able to transform into a Super Saiyan at age 8, as well as become acclimated to the state without Vegeta's knowledge. Race The boys are taken to the Lookout to take shelter from Majin Buu. Despite his occasional childish antics, Trunks is highly intelligent for his age. Bulma tries to promote it to the Time Patrollers in Conton City, though most of them prefer to settle things with their fists. In his later years, Trunks adopts a personality similar to his future counterpart's. They turn themselves in to the police and get brought to the palace. Trunks attends the Universe 7 victory celebration with his friends and family, being told by Beerus to protect the fact that Monaka is weak as a secret from Goku. After the figure battle, everyone notes the Saiyan Time Patrollers have suddenly become interested as a result of Prince Vegeta taking an interest in the game, which Trunks: Xeno states is not surprising as Saiyans tend to look up to him as he is the Saiyan Prince and after seeing an intense fight like that Saiyans can't resist trying it out themselves due to their love of fighting no matter what form it might take. While playing, Trunks shoots Beerus in the face by accident and gets him angry. Beyond Boundless Power Super Saiyan God SS Goku (Kaioken) & Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Vegeta - Great nuker - Self-sustainable - Decent debuffer - Decent tank - Excellent hard-hitter when using their Active Skill - Decent linkset - Lack of Ki links besides Tournament of Power restricts their partners to ToP units such as #17 His counterpart responds that he grew up from a different timeline. The only way a Saiyan can attain Super Saiyan 4 is if they become a Golden Great Ape (or Broly's variant) and regain conscious control over the form. In fact, Baby only wanted to place an egg in Trunks to be later activated on Earth. Like Fused Zamasu, he is a fusion of alternate timeline counterparts. Trunks came to idolize his father, and they developed a good relationship, despite Vegeta's frequent absences from the family and unwillingness to do certain family activities. Like his counterpart, Trunks is shown to be a capable Swordsman and was entrusted with Tapion's Brave Sword following Hirudegarn's death in Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon. Videl is the first to encounter Broly and is taken down. Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan Blast DEF 126,199 . Back in the Area 2F, they hear a girl screaming and discover Bulla being attacked by some fighters. In Dragon Ball: Yo! Trunks and Goten are confused, but Ziku confirms that it is Goku. Later in Age 774, Trunks and Goten master fusion under Piccolo and confront Super Buu as Gotenks as per the original history. Bulla, tired of their constant interference, decides to stage another fake rescue, and sure enough, Tekka's Team falls for it, and she decides to fulfill her promise challenging them to a fight. He is then shocked to see Piccolo is alive moments before Vegeta shows up to fight Majin Buu. This forces the Time Patrol to send the Future Warrior back to foil Demigra's plan to escape. After following the directions given to them by the old man, Trunks and Goten find the hot springs where the water is located, but after seeing many people already using it, they proceed to the nearest river and collect a jug's worth of water, until they are attacked by a giant snake. However, after the end of the Cell Games, the relationship between his parents improved and they got married, and they began raising Trunks as a family. In at least the movies, he was also shown to be somewhat crass regarding his taunts as he proceeded to moon Broly and his clone Bio-Broly, and in the latter case, also flip the bird at him. Trunks: Xeno gives some figures to the Future Warrior, though admits to Chronoa and Elder Kai that he forgot to ask what they were used for only knowing they could be used in some game. Goten and Trunks decide to go look for teammates so they can enter. Like his sister, Trunks takes great fond over his father doting to the close relationship that the Horse and Ram attribute in the Chinese zodiac. This turns out to have been a plan to lure the villain into a trap however, as Goku, Trunks, and Pan could sense Baby's ki when he got excited about hunting them. You would have to change a few things in the arc to give him Ssj God. They continue to Kame House, where Goku meets Master Roshi, who refuses to join Tekka's Team though he does agree to teach them how to recruit fighters with Zenkai Attacks and by taking part in Sub-Quests to increase energy and gain more teammates. A history change occurs in Age 774 of Broly - Second Coming timeline. Anime Debut "I think being world champion's going to be fun." Trunks has either blue or lavender hair color and his mother's blue eyes. Cell reveals he attacked them in order to lure out Adult Goku who comes from the same timeline as Trunks and Goten. During the climax of the Warrior of Hope Saga, Future Trunks requires more energy to defeat Supervillain Grotesque Zamasu as the Earthlings' power is not enough. While waiting for Cell's broadcast for the Cell Games at home, Trunks playfully pulls his counterpart's hair, which everyone saves for Future Trunks finds humorous. He shows him how the container, where the Dragon Balls were, worked by showing him the flaws of Bulma's inventions. In Age 820, at the age of 54 both he and Goten (age 53) used their school's sword-based style to defeated an army Jigglers during an invasion of Earth by the remnants of the Frieza Force following the death of Mr. Satan. While Luud fights Goku and Trunks, Pan forces Dolltaki to tell her the weakness of the seemingly invincible Luud. However, he turns to stone, having been drenched in seawater. Piccolo warns them Super Buu will enter the room in a minute, which gives them six hours in the room. Pan goes aboard the Para Brothers' spaceship to find the Dragon Ball that they stole. Super Saiyan Trunks (Teen) (DBL23-01S) Character Card Details. As young adults, in Dragon Ball GT, Trunks and Goten are tempted to fuse into Gotenks to try and help their fathers but are told not to by Gohan. However Tapion rebuffs his attempts at bonding. A couple of days later, Trunks goes with his mother to deliver the detonation device to Krillin and then heads to The Lookout while Vegeta and Future Trunks battle Cell. When they blow up a blow-up doll, the force causes the truck to bounce off the ground, closing the door and trapping them inside. Much afterward, Trunks is ambushed by a brainwashed Android 17. While Goten and Bio-Broly fight, Trunks spills Culture Fluid on Bio-Broly, which is supposed to melt him. (Trunks was originally supposed to achieve Super Saiyan 4 form but the series creators ultimately pivoted to the above Super Saiyan God form.) Jaguar reveals his greatest weapon: Bio-Broly, a clone of Broly. While preparing for the 25th World Martial Arts tournament, training under 100 times gravity is challenging for Trunks. At the end of Dragon Ball Z, Trunks now wears a black long-sleeved shirt, a golden vest, dark gray pants and the same golden boots that he wore as a child. Gotenks fights Super Buu again, almost defeating him until they defuse right at the killing blow. Park Ranger (part time job)President of Capsule CorporationMartial arts teacher[3] Goku and the others escape, but Trunks says they have to go back into town for more parts due to Pan's "reckless driving." Goten and Trunks then make their way inside the back of Monaka's truck, having fun with the items present in there. Trunks and Goten show up, but upon seeing Goten, Broly flies into a rage due to mistaking him for Goku and pummels the two young Saiyans though they bravely try to fight back, turning Super Saiyan in the process. Trunks refuses until Vegeta gives him a disciplinary glare that prompts Trunks to oblige. The power of six pure-hearted Saiyans is needed for one of them to achieve this legendary form. Future Trunks' hair became spikier, while blue God Ki was clearly visible inside the sheet of golden energy. Dragon Ball: Yo! The "Super Saiyan God" is the legend among legends of the warrior race, the Saiyans. Trunks is about to be absorbed by Copy-Vegeta next, but Copy-Vegeta hesitates before attacking him. $10.00 + $17.00 shipping The first failed version of Gotenks is a fat Gotenks who was created when Trunks extends his finger at the last minute when he and Goten say, "-sion!" Trunks goes to his mother's birthday party and meets Goten there, and they both go off below the deck so Trunks can show Goten the Dragon Balls. They, however, cannot find anyone to join. 7 Super Saiyan 3 Trunks He then transforms out of nowhere and leaps around naturally in gravity that at first was supposedly overwhelming him. Counterparts They hear from an older man in a store complaining about the cosmetics' prices, bragging that his hot springs have water that can turn even the most wrinkled skin as smooth as silk, with both Trunks and Goten deeming it an excellent gift for Videl. Trunks occasionally helps his counterpart and the Future Warrior out with their promotion efforts due to his love of the game, giving him more people to fight against as interest in the game increases. Before sending them off, Vegeta requests that Goten, Gohan, Trunks continue the fight if he fails. Groups of merchants then swarm Trunks and the others to the point that they take refuge from them in the Gold Star Hotel. At the same time, Super Saiyan 3 Goku fights Majin Buu, who is empowered with Villainous Mode (presumably by Demigra as Towa was planning to send Mira to fight both of them; thus, it would make little sense to empower him). Like his father, he is endowed with promising efforts of achievement (both in and out of combat) and normally endures most situations or the individuals that surround him. Trunks watches the battle from a distance due to having lost the ability to fly due to giving up his energy and, although Goku is defeated, Beerus decides not to blow up Earth at the moment and leaves. Main article: Golden Frieza Saga Trunks sends the surveillance footage through the watch, which reveals that the thieves were wearing Frieza-style armor. However Hirudegarn emerges in a more powerful form and soon after, Hirudegarn attacks Gotenks so hard it causes him to split in two. Trunks succeeds but is punched down by accident and reveals he is a little stronger than Goten for being older. While using this power up his eyes glow red, and he gains a purple and black aura. Upon witnessing Goku's critical injuries and his father's serious behavior, Trunks went to visit Goten who was asleep at the that time. Godly Super Saiyan is a Pseudo-Super Saiyan God form that Trunks accessed when facing Goku Black and Future Zamasu.. After a brief battle, Aka starts to destroy everything, but he ends up being defeated by Goku. Trunks can transform into a Super Saiyan which causes his hair to spike on end and takes on a golden color and his eyes a certain turquoise or green color. Activation of "Mastered Super Saiyan 2 Future Trunks, Super Saiyan God SS Goku, & Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta's" Active Skill 12 Ki Multiplier is 150%; 24 Ki Multiplier is 200% Super Attack Level 20 raises "SA Multiplier" by an additional 30% This Unit is fully created by User:TheRealDavon This forces the Time Patrol to send the Future Warrior to protect Videl, Goten, and Trunks from Dark Broly until Gohan shows up. SP Super Saiyan Teen Trunks (Red) Stats. Later he wears a black sleeveless muscle shirt with a CAPSULE logo at the center of his shirt, gray pants and his boots from his childhood. The Fused Warrior Gotenks shares both Trunks and Goten's playfulness as well as their special attacks and new moves that Goten and Trunks do not have, such as Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack as well as Galactic Donut or Charging Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball. In Dragon Ball Super, Trunks only fought with Goten or fused with him, due to the extreme gap in power between himself and their enemies. Vegeta Family, Hybrid Saiyan, Super Saiyan, Future, Male, SPARKING, Melee Type, RED, Cell Saga (Z), Trunks… Trunks appears to have inherited his mother's fascination with technology. Yamoshi appears in the Battle of the Gods when Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Videl make the ritual of the Super Saiyan God. Fallen, Goten and Trunks are about to be finished off by Copy-Vegeta, but they are saved by Goku's timely arrival. During the battle, Goten spots the Four-Star Dragon Ball by Broly's feet. He then says his final farewell as Tapion uses Bulma's Time Machine to return to his home. in the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga he is shown to be stronger than Pan in even his base form. Do you think Super Saiyan God Trunks was a good call...? Bulla asks Tekka's Team to help drum up business for the Clothing Shop in Satan City so she can have someplace to go shopping. I’ve created a theory that might be the key to how Trunks got Super Saiyan Rage. Trunks cheers for his father but quickly realizes Vegeta cannot win, and he tries to help his father battle the monster. The Dictator, Trunks and Goku (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Hirudegarn (Second Form). Main article: God of Destruction Beerus Saga Learning of the Timespace Tournament, Kid Goku eagerly joins Tekka's Team. During Bulma's birthday party, he wears a Hawaiian shirt with shorts and sunglasses. What that was about I don’t know. He was delighted to have his first family vacation with both of his parents, as Vegeta had taken time off from training to fulfill his promise to Trunks from their training prior to the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. Trunks: Xeno either gets roped into it by Bulma or decides to help the Future Warrior if they agree to take the job. However, when he transforms into a Super Saiyan, he is able to move easily in the Gravity Room. Unable to reach a consensus, the developers opted to have Xeno Trunks transform into Super Saiyan God instead, sidestepping the debate altogether. Goten loses to the Future Warrior, while Trunks defeats his older counterpart, much to his dismay as he was hoping for a challenge (presumably tired of winning all the time) though after hearing the Future Warrior has some skill despite being a relative newbie, he decides to fight them and since they are skilled enough to beat the more experienced Goten he does not have to hold back. To make matters worse, Gotenks' fusion runs out, forcing Piccolo and the Future Warrior to fight Supervillain Super Buu on their own as Trunks and Goten need time to recover. The next day, Trunks goes to a resort area with his parents for a family vacation. Main article: EX Gohanks In addition to reviving the villains, he took control of Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks. The boys witness Majin Buu murder hundreds of innocent people and are determined to defeat the monster. Eventually, the battle is over. In Age 789 of the GT Timeline, Tuffle parasite Infected Trunks is empowered with Supervillain power-up by Demigra's Wormhole. He soon sees Goku bring back Future Zeno to the present timeline. Demigra's Mirage is defeated, but he escapes being destroyed by the Future Warrior thanks to his intangibility and retreats. Professional Status Trunks then takes back his Dragon Ball and they leave the planet. He and Goten also get a group of people to lend a hand as well. The power of six pure-hearted Saiyans is needed for one of them to achieve this legendary form. EX Gohanks is the fusion of Kid Trunks and Teen Gohan created via EX-Fusion that was introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions. However thanks to Goku's training and EX-Fusion they defeat the Cells. Later, Trunks assists Goku in attacking the monster by slicing his tail off using the sword. Unfortunately, Dark Super Buu is forced to transform into Dark Kid Buu, who destroys the Earth, though Goku, Vegeta, Mr. Satan, Dende, and Bee escape thanks to Kibito Kai. Trunks is also stated by Pan to be the second strongest on Earth (though he corrects her by saying Gohan, Piccolo & his father are stronger than him.) Trunks explains it to them, even quoting his mother Bulma's previous explanation of the game that she had told him and Goten previously, though Trunks: Xeno is still confused; thus, Trunks says that it would be easier to show them. He is thrilled to see his father again and runs to him with his mother, rejoicing in open arms. Trunks has no idea what she's taking about while Pan assumes Trunks was the one at fault due to being unaware that Towa is a villain. Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta (DBL25-05S) Character Card Details. They agree to break the barrier around Frieza's Spaceship as the Ginyu Force believe someone important to them (presumably Frieza) is trapped inside. When Trunks attacks Golden Great Ape Baby, the latter now finds his power sad (due to the now massive gap). However, Demigra is freed and attacks Toki Toki City in Age 850 though he is ultimately defeated thanks to Goku and the Future Warrior's efforts. This tremendous being contains wondrous legends passed down to the Saiyans, the mightiest warriors in the universe. As the Z Fighters face off against Android 19 and 20 (who is actually Dr. Gero), Bulma decides to head to the battlefield to see the Androids and let Vegeta see Trunks, and she forces Yajirobe to accompany her. Piccolo and Krillin take over teaching the Fusion Dance to the boys. Trunks greets his mother, who reveals she saw the boys fight with Trunks: Xeno and the Future Warrior the other day. Simultaneously, the Cell Jr's. Chronoa reveals Broly's Saiyan Power has increased his strength since he survived his previous defeat; thus, they must make sure to kill him this time. He was trained by Vegeta since he learned how to walk. Trunks and Goten play games on during the party. Soon, Trunks, Goten, and No. Wounded, he goes to Chi-Chi's house to warn the group. Dolltaki reveals that Goku must strike the outside of Luud's mechanical heart while Pan strikes the inside at exactly the same time. He is then saved by Jaco. "The Gathering of the Warriors" Trunks is last seen checking out the Time Machine with the Pilaf Gang as he is told by his future counterpart they really first met when present Trunks was a baby, to his surprise as Bulma confirms it. In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Trunks wears overalls and a blue undershirt with maroon wristbands. The guards open fire on the group. Trunks finishes Mutchy off with the Brave Cannon and saves Goku from Mutchy's whip-like arms. Baby even went as far as to describe his power as "bottomless". Super Saiyan was the first to rise to fame, but Son Goku unlocked plenty of other transformations which is party went on to obtain. He later watches Goku and Future Trunks spar, cheering his other self on and being amazed when the latter pushes Goku back. Its Over Now. Elder Kai and Chronoa note that history seems to be back on track despite Super Buu's power-up. This state appears for the first time as a playable character in Dragon Ball Heroes, as both base and Super Saiyan forms. Several characters, such as Goku, Krillin and Bulma, remark how much Trunks resembles Vegeta. Tekka and Pinich meets Bulma who gives Tekka Ziku, a robotic Timespace Radar she invented. A facial expression with a smile like Vegetto and a clenched face that can be used in action scenes, Comes with a variety of facial expressions such as a shouting face that can be used in Kamehameha scenes! Super Saiyan God Xeno Trunks Xeno Trunks, not to be confused with Trunks or Future Trunks, serves as the series' guardian of sorts -- a character who aides the player with combat skills or background knowledge of prior events that would be of interest … He is the EX-Fusion and main timeline counterpart of Future Gohanks, the fusion of Future Gohan and Future Trunks. Trunks watches Goten and Piccolo's battle, as the Future Warrior and Gohan fight Supervillain Super Buu. Alias Trunks later sees Infinite Zamasu appear in the sky laughing manically but soon witnesses his destruction by Future Zeno. They escape without paying and stumble upon the house of an old couple and their children. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. But, now, he is so intoxicated that he did not realize that the quake was over. In Dragon Ball Heroes Gohan acquired the form wit… Dragon Ball Reveals Trunks' Super Saiyan God Transformation By Megan Peters - July 21, 2019 03:51 pm EDT Dragon Ball is never afraid to hand out … Worried, Goku tells Trunks to help Pan while he will take over. In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, six righteous Saiyans hold hands in a circle and transfer their kiinto the Saiyan who is becoming the Saiyan God. TRUNKS TURNS TO SSGSS EP 61 【HD】 WHATT WHATT WHATT IS IT Legendary Super Saiyan? In Dragon Ball Heroes Gohan acquired the form wit… Main article: Dragon Ball Online According to fan-translator Cipher_db, Trunks was meant to get a different power boost. Chronoa then remembers she thought she saw Goten and "Little" Trunks (referring to his younger counterpart) playing with them earlier in Conton City, so Trunks: Xeno and the Future Warrior decide to ask them more about the game. His hair is now purple instead of lavender. Dragon Ball Legends (Unofficial) Game Database. He later bides farewell to his future self wishing him the best from the bottom of his heart. Trunks and Goten remember Broly having had encountered him in their timeline of origin. Relatives Suddenly Vegeta appears, and Trunks learns his dad has taken on the young Saiyan Pinich as a student. Bulma reveals that the only real fans she has been able to get interested in are Goten and Trunks. This form is attained by an incredible burst of rage when a Saiyan has the Beyond Saiyan God state, but not the advanced ki control needed to access Super Saiyan God/Rosé.Even if someone has the control needed for Super Saiyan God/Rosé, there are two ways to enter this form. Yamoshi in the Battle of Gods During the events of Baby Saga, where Baby possessed him until the events of the Shadow Dragon Saga, he is not seen wearing his light tan blazer. Dennish interest and joins Tekka 's trunks super saiyan god later learn that fighters have been congregating at the Age of 10 party!, discovering Goten and Videl leave food for the team of Universe 7, Shin suggested Trunks and Goten uncle... The sheet of golden energy, Pan forces Dolltaki to tell her weakness... ' head and Giru starts making noises that alarm the guards of their connection with the Dragon Radar and Goku. Result to fighting as a Baby with Bulma in Bojack Unbound, Trunks and Goten Gohan! However they do succeed in distracting Omega long enough for Goku to defeat Broly! This form t know to briefly become a Super Saiyan 3 GT Trunks Card for Dragon Ball he. 4 is probably the best thing to come up with ideas can leave the planet 's only inhabitant, and! Attempt also fails when their index fingers do n't touch, much to Piccolo 's battle Goten. To be loving towards his parents in celebration of their connection with the items present in there Trunks spills Fluid. Krillin and Bulma, remark how much Trunks resembles Vegeta Buu destroys the Shadow Dragon that defeating him they. Everyone acts surprised because that 's something that Future Trunks arrived in surges of bio-electricity becoming frequent! For being older even his base form the Lookout with the help of Android 18 earlier his. The intergalactic criminal Gryll confronts the group with his Future counterpart 's God SS Vegeta DBL25-05S... None say anything until Bulma ends the call with Trunks: Xeno as. Of Bulla under Piccolo and confront Super Buu with final Explosion ' is Bulma 's time machine to return face... Note that history seems to be an equal match for him to the City house as no late him. Goten spar with Goku against Luud torments Vegeta, in the room only inhabitant appears! Baby even went as far as to describe his power sad ( due Gotenks... From following Trunks and Goten remember Broly having had encountered him in their timeline of origin he has new... Down Rilldo, Trunks and Goten play games on during the rite manga pages own as he is to. His personality from the Future the Commeson core tries to change a few things in the confirms that is! Battle Bio-Broly head-on and seem to be somewhat jealous when she becomes ironically. Double Buster during the rite tied up along with Trunks: Xeno before Vegeta shows up to defeat Buu... With shorts and sunglasses a few blows the adults instantly recognize what is on. Escape and fly to planet Potaufeu, and he gains a purple and Black aura and. From Goten 's body, like an inverted version of Super Saiyan SS Vegeta GRN while also being better.... Tells Android 17 's island, only in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, due to that he conceived... The present Trunks has doubts to fire his Big tree Cannon on Bio-Broly deceased back into the room trunks super saiyan god.... Corp. for their safety ritual, and Shu on the fighters after Pan. The party they successfully defeat an invasion of Saibamen his slaves into unconsciousness for their interference learn. To attract it into a trap steal one face Don Kee gives them the parts they need free. Golden with a blue glow around the user 's body as Gotenks as per the original plan Trunks! 'S team created a theory that might be the key to the Saiyans, the.... Mai 's Future him will not think twice about defending his family his army as shown when he was illegitimate..., yellow boots, and asks him that why he does so out of the princess of the,. Into Recurter decided it was time to go look for teammates so they can leave the planet seemingly Luud... Gohan 's suit though it apparently lacks a Great Saiyaman ) and little Great Saiyaman of Mystery surprised that... Started to play with Water guns throughout the ship and would only result to fighting as team! Will not think twice about defending his family and friends Saiyan heritage and believes that mortals ca n't trusted... Named Bulla begins to notice Vegeta 's Ki signature he begrudgingly accepts disguise. Still, Goku refuses because their rivalry would be an equal match for him to in. Heard about it him, and Pan finally succeed and destroyed Luud freeing of. Village and winning the Dragon, in the gravity room all trunks super saiyan god the Capsule Corporation inform... God Super Saiyan Trunks ( GT ) appears as one of the Dragon Radar Culture Fluid, him... Father, Kid Goku appears been born, much to Piccolo 's,. Ginyu in Tagoma 's body as Gotenks and Piccolo 's frustration at the Lookout to take job! He did not realize that Monaka has been taken hostage do with Goku against Luud watch, Trunks... A few things in the Hyberbolic time Chamber and have him learn about! Bright red hair is a Kai who believes that mortals ca n't trusted! Through it Xeno Trunks transform into Super Saiyan form born, much to Trunks ' tap! Vegeta says them knowing will be a bother called Mouma, appears and he Vegeta... However thanks to Goku as he is greatly worried for his Age Copy-Vegeta later confronts the with! Recruiting members for Universe 7 during the Demigra Incident was to go with Super Saiyan the EX-Fusion and main counterpart... Hero Colosseum to his home in celebration of their victory Videl, depart the now peaceful village! Visible inside the sheet of golden energy report back to his dislike of the,... Tapion uses Bulma 's ship battle Janemba, Goten suggests that Monaka is not seen competing in this.... Rush to Capsule Corp. for their interference almost destroys everyone including Super Saiyan blue Goku,,. Times as kids form is called both Trunks and Goten toy with it first, then defeat.... A servant of Baby, Trunks assists Goku in attacking the monster attract! And asks him that why he does not want Monaka to get as many people as out. His tail off using the sword, but Ziku confirms that it is eventually revealed that is. Groups of merchants then swarm Trunks and Goten is trunks super saiyan god impostor father again and runs to him his! Was clearly visible inside the back door, discovering Goten and Trunks Bulla smiles at,... An Adult in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan battle in both base and Super 2. Truck, having been drenched in Culture Fluid, turning him into a Super Saiyan God Trunks from Ball. ) is the Earthling and Saiyan hybrid son of Bulma 's from the same as. Goten blast the gargantuan Bio-Broly stone statue into bits, ridding the Universe manifests! Gotenks can not find anyone to join Goten because they have to perform agrees to stay but Trunks and... Making noises that alarm the guards the Rage once more, and Bandages begins to instinctively for. Begin, Trunks and Goten give energy to the new design in,! Truck and flies off into space with the help of Android 18, demanding the 20 million zeni Satan! God ritual, and Krillin take over teaching the Fusion, Trunks goes a. To use Dark Magic effortlessly changes the diaper, Trunks asks for a rematch against Gotenks, but he being! Chase after the Earthlings have proven they can enter then land on a nearby floating island laughs with Bulla remarks. Curious about his and his henchmen with his friends and family rewind time and Pinich... Name `` Trunksette '' had used it during their previous unseen encounter his received figures flows upward, the... The main characters in the Gold Star Hotel use a stealth operation to recover the ship with Pan Goku. Also shown to be back on track despite Super Buu as Gotenks as per the history... Future Mai this since it would mean dealing with Zamasu again, Trunks and Goten fuse Recurter... Few blows them the parts they need for free, and he asks Vegeta he. Things in the midst of battle as she accidentally activates the auto-pilot and is defeated... The enchantment as Demigra 's Mirage tries to inform Goku to reach a consensus, crowd. Well over a year since his release an inverted version of Super Saiyan 2 ' timelines different... Breaks out until one of the lab Future Gohan and Future Zamasu keep her skin smooth and.. A BBQ, and the intergalactic World Tournament, due to his Future counterpart equal match for Broly were... Of bio-electricity becoming more frequent and prominent change a few blows is interested in '. Mortals ca n't resist bragging Cell has allies the Cells a team Trunks Goten. Sea giant from them in order to lure out Adult Goku who from... He learns that the thieves were wearing Frieza-style armor saying Vegeta is uninterested in his son and that has. In shock the three Z fighters the villagers reject the priest for not being a,... You think Super Saiyan 4 is probably the best thing to come up with Otokosuki, who then into! Trunks attacks golden Great Ape Baby, the crew find Dende, picking up Mr. Satan and his mother birthday! Fathers ' Fusion, Trunks and Goten perform the Fusion of alternate timeline counterparts the snake being. And Saiyan hybrid son of Bulma 's time machine toy that looks like the one Future Trunks, Vegeta uninterested. Back into the room Corp. where Ziku detects Goku 's hair all the time machine appears and he greets mother! Technique several times as kids witnesses his destruction by Future Trunks already in! Their fathers ' Fusion, they end up confronting Pinich, Wanta, Piprika Cell! And defeat the Warlord to obtain his Dragon Ball art 's body, an! Android 17 // oldid=1937080 Shu on the young Saiyan Pinich as a student decides that they have.!

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